Rising Tide

Mixed Reality Experience



Climate Change in the Classroom

Rising Tide is an educational Mixed Reality experience. It aims to educate teenage students about the short and long-term consequences of climate change. The game is designed to be played by 3 teams of 3-5 participants, putting young adults into active roles in a game world where their decisions shape the future of the planet.

The upcoming pilot phase and field tests of this project will be conducted with the NGO Terre des Hommes.

The Game

Teams as "Factions"

Rising Tide features three factions whose decisions shape the future of the planet. These factions include climate activists who seek to build awareness and behavioral change at any cost, techno-utopianists who advocate for non-invasive technical solutions that stop climate change while minimizing the impact on lifestyle, and industrialists who want to slow down disruptive economic change to secure their bottom line.

To begin the game, players are split into one of the 3 factions and each is provided with either a single or multiple devices - depending on the type of device.

The Planet as User Interface

Global View

Using the device, each team is then presented with a view of a globe in Augmented Reality that is mapped over the surface of a table or desk. The globe features points of interest on its surface - hotspots that can be interacted with by users. The globe also depicts the current state of the world with visualizations of global and local average temperatures, CO2 concentration, sea levels, etc.

View the Global Interface in Action

Consensus Building or Antagonism?

The Goal

The goal of the game is two-fold and differs from faction to faction: The primary goal for all factions is to sustain a habitable planet for the future - but each faction has a secondary agenda that puts it in conflict with the others. For climate activists, their aim is an immediate stop to climate change through direct action. Techno-utopians seek to solve climate change through innovation all while minimizing the economic & social effects of change. Industrialists wish to avoid overly disrupting the existing economic structure and further securing their bottom line.

Impact & Progress

What we want to achieve:

  • Climate Change Awareness
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Media Literacy
  • Multilateral consensus building (vs. Zero sum solutions)
  • Exposure to multiple points of view
  • Teacher friendly

    What's next:
  • Bringing the technical foundations from the prototype into production quality
  • Finding a final art style suitable for the audience
  • Creating a fully functioning pilot
  • Checking the market viability of the projects
  • Testing with partners from NGOs and educational facilities