"Games are a powerful medium, capable of unique immersive realities that can provide a meaningful way to engage with the world." - Our vision statement

Founded in 2013

Award Winning Creative Studio

Causa Creations is a boutique game development studio located in Vienna, Austria. Originally established in 2014, the independent company is currently helmed by Georg Hobmeier, Ben Wahl, Brian Main, and Christian Knapp

Our multi-disciplinary team of seasoned developers, artists, and designers is dedicated to crafting fully rounded experiences that not only entertain but engage and inform audiences. Not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done, we pride ourselves in the care and attention that comes through in our award-winning work.

We see games not merely as entertaining diversions but as meaningful, enriching experiences that can connect us, challenge our perceptions, and give insights into the world around us. We aim to push the boundaries of what games can do through cutting edge innovation and human-centred design.


Christian Knapp

Our technical developer brings an artist's sensibility to his work. His passion for games drives his spirit of innovation. When he's not tinkering with VR & AR Unity development he's busy exploring new technologies and going for walks.

Benjamin Wahl

When Ben isn't modeling figurines in his free time, he's busy building models for us in 3D software. A true generalist, his talents evolved from graphic design, illustration, & animation to multimedia art & game development. A master craftsman with a playful spirit, he's the glue that holds the company together.

Georg Hobmeier

Born in the mountains of Austria, Georg's career trajectory has taken him from performer to game designer. He stradles the lines between producer, narrative designer, and educator. Georg's artistic sensiblilities & leadership in the industry has helped to push the medium further into new territories... but be warned, hide your chocolate when he enters the room lest he gobble it up.

Brian Main

After years as a freelance illustrator & animator, Brian started picking up work in Vienna's burgeoning independent game industry as a game artist & visual developer. A doomsday prepper - but for art supplies, he uses our studio space to store his mounting collection of paints, brushes, & tools.

Zsombor Sváb

Zsombor hails from an ancient Hungarian clan of master illustrators and has joined us straight after graduating from the University of Applied Sciences at St.Pölten. At Causa Creations he is the unstoppable force that pushes projects forward utilizing his many, many talents. Egészségedre!


Gold Extra

Gold Extra

Artist Collective

Adeline Ducker

Adeline Ducker

Artist & Freelancer

Reinhold Bidner

Reinhold Bidner

Artist & Animator

Viktor Morales

Victor Morales

Artist & Animator

Jessica White

Jessica White

Business Development

Jame Patton

James Patton

Game Designer

Thomas Moor

Thomas Moor


Thomas Ortsik